Energy storage in photovoltaic systems represents an exceptional solution for optimizing the utilization of electricity generated from renewable sources. This strategy of energy saving and efficiency is overcoming obstacles, fostering the adoption and widespread global implementation of these innovative technologies.

What is Photovoltaic Solar Energy?

When we refer to photovoltaic solar energy, we are talking about a renewable energy source obtained from solar radiation and converted into electricity through a process involving solar panels. These panels are composed of solar cells and function as radiation collectors, transforming it into clean and sustainable energy.

To retain this energy, solar batteries are used, which can be of different types, such as stationary, monoblock, or lithium. These batteries store the solar energy generated throughout the day and preserve it for use during periods without sunlight, such as nights or when solar radiation is insufficient.

How to Store Photovoltaic Energy?

Among the most important characteristics of photovoltaic systems is that they only produce light when there is sunlight since it is their only source of generation, so storage is an indispensable process to harness it and generate energy and economic savings. Additionally, storing solar energy is a fundamental part of energy transition and environmental conservation.

Solar batteries play a fundamental role in implementing energy storage systems in photovoltaic installations. These batteries, consisting of electrochemical cells, have the primary function of converting chemical energy into electricity. Composed of positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes, they allow the flow of current generated by photovoltaic solar panels and their supply to the installation.

The incorporation of a complementary storage system to solar energy generation offers a comprehensive solution to meet the electrical demands of businesses and industries at any time of the day and for any number of users. This results in a constant production of electricity stored for use when needed, especially during peak hours of the CFE, when electricity supply costs are higher.

What Types of Batteries Are Used in Solar Energy Storage Systems?

As mentioned earlier, the types of batteries that can be installed for energy storage in photovoltaic systems are monoblock batteries, stationary batteries, and lithium batteries. How does each of them work?

Monoblock or monobloc batteries are mainly installed in residential installations, especially for self-consumption purposes, as their power ranges from low to medium and they have fewer deep discharge cycles, so they have a lifespan of up to 10 years and work very well for lighting and low-power appliance use. Stationary batteries have similar characteristics to monoblock batteries but serve for medium to high energy consumption and have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

On the other hand, lithium batteries are considered the best option for energy storage in photovoltaic systems due to their efficiency, long lifespan, low maintenance, and high durability in deep discharge cycles.

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Learn About the Quartux Storage System

Within a photovoltaic system, solar energy storage systems play a highly significant role in enabling the full utilization of generated electricity. The inclusion of these storage systems in photovoltaic installations substantially contributes to boosting energy efficiency in industries by ensuring continuous access to electrical energy throughout the 24 hours of the day.

The proper choice of a quality battery is essential for optimizing the profitability and efficiency of a solar installation. It is precisely for this reason that at Quartux, we have designed the most advanced and efficient industrial lithium-ion battery energy storage system. Our commitment lies in providing solutions that enhance industries’ ability to make the most of the generated solar energy.

With our control software, industries maximize the combination of peak shaving and solar energy generation, without voltage variations or interruptions, and with the guarantee that your electricity supply will be much more stable and of the best quality.

Many industries throughout the Mexican territory already benefit from the use of solar panel installations complemented by the Quartux energy storage system. If you want to produce more while saving electricity, contact us and take the next step towards energy efficiency with our software, which guarantees the greatest energy savings impact, with the quality and support your business needs.

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