Energy storage allows for the availability of electrical power and ensures companies have an adequate supply of electricity according to their specific needs.

Thanks to the significant benefits they offer, systems designed to store electrical energy in large quantities have become a promising solution for making energy consumption more efficient.

There are various technologies that enable the storage of electrical energy on a large scale to meet needs such as improving the quality of energy supply. One example is supercapacitors, which can store a very high energy density with only 5% losses in daily self-discharge.

Moreover, large-scale energy storage systems help maintain an emergency energy reserve, enabling daily operations to continue despite any power outage, as they can be activated almost immediately to ensure energy supply.

Energy Storage Systems

Among the primary systems used to store electrical energy in large quantities over an extended period, to gradually supply it as a complement to grid management, are options such as reversible hydroelectric plants, compressed air energy storage facilities, and large lithium-ion battery systems.

The use of lithium-ion battery systems to store electrical energy in large quantities helps increase the share of renewable energies in the electrical system’s requirements.

Furthermore, this energy storage technology helps reduce the cost of the electricity bill by reducing energy consumption during peak hours, which are the periods of highest activity in both businesses and households.

Discover the significant advantages offered by Quartux’s lithium-ion battery system, which has positioned itself as one of the best storage solutions in the country and is undoubtedly one of the most innovative electrical energy storage projects. Through a reliable system with cutting-edge technology, Quartux has managed to increase its clients’ energy storage capacity, thereby reducing their energy consumption costs, resulting in a decrease in their electricity bills.

Quartux is a 100% Mexican company that has established itself in the design, installation, and operation of its intelligent lithium-ion battery system for storing electrical energy. Through its artificial intelligence software, companies using the platform can store large amounts of energy, control their consumption, and monitor it in real-time.

Batteries and Renewable Energies: Two Keys to Storage

The gradual advancement of energy storage system technology continues to develop, with recent years witnessing unprecedented progress in their capacity and operation. Through technological innovations and the progressive installation of large-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, it will be possible to increasingly reserve energy surpluses in industries and companies across the country, thereby contributing to maintaining the availability of energy resources.

As previously discussed in earlier articles on this blog, lithium-ion batteries have significant advantages due to their high energy density, modular system with high resistance, and demonstrated efficiency for energy charging and discharging. These characteristics make lithium-ion batteries, such as those used in the Quartux platform, the best option for storing electrical energy in various sectors such as industrial and commercial.

Moreover, one of the main goals of systems for storing electrical energy in large quantities is to increase the use of renewable energies in electrical systems, based on criteria of stability and energy quality, and to harness the enormous potential of clean and renewable energies, with an increasingly accessible cost. In this way, electricity generation and storage can be optimized for the best possible use.

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