Storing energy using battery systems has emerged as the optimal solution for accumulating low-cost energy and utilizing it during peak demand periods, when supply is more expensive. This technology has proven increasingly cost-effective and essential for ensuring stability in electrical systems. Particularly, lithium-ion batteries have emerged as a leading solution, driving the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Integration of Renewable Energies into the National Electrical System

The integration of renewable energies into the National Electrical System is supported by lithium-ion battery storage. This backup enables harnessing energy generated by renewable sources, such as solar and wind, even during periods of lower electrical demand, optimizing their use during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. This synchronization helps increase the overall efficiency of the electrical system.

Quartux’s Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

The hardware developed by Quartux is innovative and exceptional in its category. Its modular and adaptable approach offers highly practical functionalities. In addition to its ability to integrate with renewable energy sources, this system ensures instant backup supply when needed. Together, these features make Quartux a solution that drives energy transition and contributes to the sustainable development of the electrical sector.

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Energy Stored with Quartux: Your Best Option

Storing energy in a lithium-ion battery system like the one used by Quartux software is a practical and easy way to utilize electric energy efficiently. It also helps ensure the balance of grid systems and maximizes the efficient use of each megawatt.

Scale of Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage technologies provide significant value across the supply chain, and based on their capacity, these systems can be at various scales:

  • Large-scale (in GW scales, equivalent to billions of watts)
  • Grids and generation assets (in MW scales, measuring power in millions of watts)
  • End-users (working with kW, equivalent to a thousand watts).

In Quartux, a leading company in energy storage in Mexico, we cater to the energy needs of large consumers and electricity generators in the country.

Lithium-Ion Batteries and Energy Storage

Lithium is an alkali metal known for its lightweight nature, significant electrochemical potential, and ability to store a large amount of energy in a system. In recent decades, its high efficiency has made it one of the primary technologies used for energy storage, with undeniable success in the field of renewable energies.

Interested in Installing Battery Energy Storage Systems?

If you’re seeking an innovative solution to optimize energy utilization and avoid high costs during peak demand hours, Quartux is the answer. We are leaders in the battery energy storage market in Mexico, offering expertise from design to operation of cutting-edge systems, ensuring reduced energy expenses and a positive environmental impact.

Choose Quartux to enhance your energy efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to environmental conservation. We are committed to providing the most advanced and reliable battery energy storage solution in the Mexican market.

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