If you’re interested in learning about the economic and operational benefits of an Energy Storage System (BESS) and how it can positively impact your company, you’ve come to the right place. In this space, you’ll discover all the advantages and savings it represents, as well as the features and options offered by a hybrid energy storage system (BESS+SFV).

At Quartux, we are dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of businesses and industries in the country through our energy storage system. With innovative technology, we seek to contribute to sustainability and the long-term utilization of renewable energies. Our focus is on allowing received energy to be stored and used more efficiently.

Here we explain what a BESS is and how it differs from a BESS+SFV, so you can make an informed decision about the storage option that best suits your company’s needs.

BESS System: Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are those that use electrochemical solutions to store energy in rechargeable batteries (mainly lithium-ion batteries) supplied by the grid so that users can use it at any time, especially during peak hours when electricity is more expensive. For customers who have already incorporated Quartux’s system into their companies, this technology has represented savings of up to 40% on their electricity bills.

These energy storage systems are not composed solely of a series of batteries; rather, BESS systems are complex systems with hardware and software components that meet the following characteristics:

They have a battery system with individual cells that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. They have a Battery Management System (BMS) to maintain system safety, prevent risks, and constantly monitor the state of charge and health of the cells. Through their Power Conversion System (PCS), they convert direct current into alternating current, with bidirectional inverters for charging and discharging. Through their Energy Management System (EMS), energy flow is monitored and controlled, and the work of all BESS components is organized.

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BESS systems are the most widely used today, offering significant advantages such as higher capacity, less maintenance, and the elimination of grid intermittencies by ensuring energy supply and operational continuity. This is possible because, when the batteries discharge, they release energy at times when it is most needed, such as demand peaks.

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What is a hybrid energy storage system?

Energy storage through BESS systems is an ideal solution for companies that use renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic systems (SFV), to supply their operations. These systems capture and store energy from both the grid and renewable sources, such as solar or wind, making them a perfect complement to ensure a continuous and stable energy supply.

The BESS+SFV system is a very effective option, as it stores the energy generated by renewable sources through batteries and solar panels. Renewable energy is usually fluctuating, and battery-based storage systems play a key role in making this energy more controllable and optimizing its utilization.

Thus, the BESS system acts as a “buffer subsystem,” helping to stabilize the balance between electricity generation and consumer demand. By integrating energy storage with photovoltaic systems, companies can ensure that their operations continue to run at 100% even during periods of lower solar energy generation.

In conclusion, the combination of grid-connected photovoltaic systems with BESS+SFV energy storage systems is a highly efficient and reliable option for maintaining commercial operations with a sustainable and stable energy supply. With this strategy, companies can reduce their dependence on the traditional electricity grid and actively contribute to the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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Currently, there are two types of photovoltaic systems (SFV), either grid-connected or independent of the CFE grid (known as “island-type”). The Quartux system adapts to both and significantly improves energy consumption efficiency.

In the case of electricity supply by island-type photovoltaic systems, storing generated energy is essential as they are independent, and the Quartux control platform has positioned itself as the best option to manage the supply and guarantee the maximum utilization of solar light.

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