Mostly, the storage systems currently used worldwide use lithium batteries. These systems accumulate energy using lithium ions, positively charged particles capable of reacting easily with other elements, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and water.

The structure of lithium batteries consists of a positive electrode (i.e., the lithium cathode) and a negative one (formed by a carbon anode), and their charging and discharging process takes place through chemical reactions through which it is possible to store and return energy generated in renewable power plants.

Advantages of lithium in energy storage systems

Among the main characteristics of lithium batteries are their high energy density, a modular system of greater resistance (compared to other types of batteries), and their great efficiency in charging and discharging energy. These qualities have made lithium batteries the best option within the universe of electrical energy storage in batteries for sectors such as industrial and commercial, both nationally and worldwide.

In this context, users of electrical energy storage systems in lithium batteries like Quartux have discovered the intelligent battery storage solution that allows them to save on their electricity bill while directly contributing to their ability to enhance their business opportunities and carry out their operations continuously and without interruptions by avoiding annoying power outages.

Quartux Platform: the intelligent and innovative solution

Intelligent solutions for energy storage in lithium-ion batteries are one of the best technological innovations and have become great news for the energy sector.

The innovative software from Quartux, a 100% Mexican company at the forefront of energy storage in the country, successfully combines the technical expertise of its specialists and their familiarity with the National Electric System (SEN) to design storage systems tailored to each of its customers.

Quartux’s software already has more than 35 thousand hours of operation in more than 10 entities in the country, and its electrical energy storage system is tailored to each customer based on their specific consumption and savings needs. Platform users have managed to optimize their income in the short term, improved the quality of the energy they consume, and have a continuous supply of electricity.

Quartux: the storage of the future

Quartux is a company created with the aim of solving a primary need of its customers: to guarantee the daily supply of energy they require for their operation without increasing costs and maximizing their energy consumption through electrical energy storage in lithium batteries.

This intelligent platform has been key for users belonging to sectors such as commercial or industrial, who were affected by the variation in electricity costs throughout working hours, to now be able to store energy from the electrical grid in the most advanced battery systems during the least costly hours to use it during peak demand hours.

Thus, Quartux has positioned itself as the best energy solutions provider in the sector and has managed to satisfy the energy needs of large consumers with the use of the most advanced technology in the industry, as well as optimization models based on big data and artificial intelligence.

A win-win for all

Feel like your electricity bill is too high? The Quartux team has the most suitable electrical energy storage solution in batteries for you.

After conducting a diagnosis based on the specific energy consumption needs of users, this innovative energy storage system is installed in less than four months to store and supply the amount of energy necessary for its operation without consuming it during peak hours and with a positive impact on energy savings and reducing the cost of the electricity bill.

The win-win with Quartux is reflected in your economy, in your company’s production capacity, and in a great benefit for the environment, by using renewable energies and contributing to the country’s energy transition.

Moreover, you have permanent access to your personalized control panel, through which you can monitor the energy parameters of your company whenever you need and closely follow the operation of the Quartux storage system.

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