To save electricity, CFE has presented a list of tips to help the population transition to efficient use of electrical energy. This service is essential for daily life and for the operation of any business, and given the reality of an industrialized world facing climate change and global warming, it is increasingly necessary to promote responsible electricity consumption, both in households and in industries and large national and transnational companies.

Saving electricity is a commitment every day. Working together to change mentality and generate significant advances in electrical energy savings not only has a positive impact on the environment but also represents a great benefit to family economy and helps to reduce electricity bills in companies and industries that carry out efficient and innovative actions and measures to reduce the excessive use of electrical energy in their facilities.

In order to achieve a significant nationwide advancement in electricity savings, CFE, the state-owned productive company that generates and markets electricity in Mexico, promotes energy savings through energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is something that any individual or company can achieve, as it involves implementing actions and mechanisms that contribute to using less electrical energy to perform the same activities that have always been needed in the home or for the operation of a company or industry. Through it, it is even possible to carry out more activities without increasing the use of electrical energy or the cost of the electricity bill.

How to save electricity according to CFE?

As part of the promotion of electricity savings, CFE has proposed that companies gradually undergo a consistent change in mentality through which it is possible to improve electricity consumption habits. In addition, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) proposes that these changes be made in combination with the use of more efficient technologies.

For this purpose, there are solutions such as Quartux’s storage systems, a leading company in electricity and energy savings, which works with the highest technology in the design and installation of its battery system, which has positioned itself as a great option for saving energy in national and foreign companies operating in the country. A model that makes the electricity bill much cheaper while saving electrical energy.

CFE: Tips for Saving Energy

One of CFE’s energy-saving tips is to carefully consider electricity consumption levels and start saving electrical energy by making changes in daily habits. Below are the saving tips that CFE recommends to reduce electricity consumption in Mexican households.

According to CFE, the best way to save electricity on electrical appliances such as television is to turn them off and unplug them when not in use. This recommendation may seem very simple, but it is an action that is hardly put into practice and could mean a great benefit for the environment, as well as a reduction in the cost of the electricity bill.

The same is recommended for computers or laptops, as keeping them off when not needed will prevent excessive consumption of electrical energy. Also, if the computers are connected to a regulator, it is ideal to turn them off at the end of the day. Additionally, CFE advises reducing the number of open applications and decreasing the screen brightness.

Saving electricity on cell phones and video games

To save electricity, CFE suggests that as soon as a cell phone, tablet, or laptop is fully charged, it should be unplugged. It also recommends reducing the brightness of their screens and keeping them in cool places, away from direct sunlight. Likewise, when possible, they should be turned off or put on power-saving mode, as well as suspending GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Regarding video games, CFE believes that energy saving will be achieved by placing them in a well-ventilated space, activating the energy-saving option, and disconnecting the console when not in use. It also recommends that if users want to watch internet videos, they should use a tablet or laptop, as a video game console consumes 10 times more energy.

To help the population learn more about saving electricity, CFE emphasizes the importance of replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs or energy-saving bulbs. CFE points out that energy-saving bulbs have the ability to illuminate with the same intensity as incandescent bulbs, but with the great advantage of contributing to environmental conservation, as they consume 75% less energy.

Refrigerators and microwave ovens: CFE’s energy-saving tips

The Federal Electricity Commission also asks the population to check for electrical leaks in the home and to buy electrical appliances with an energy-saving certificate. As these are appliances that cannot be disconnected, it is important to buy energy-saving refrigerators. CFE recommends checking at the time of buying a refrigerator that it has an energy efficiency label, i.e., with the seal of the Trust for Energy Saving (or FIDE seal), which provides the certainty that it contributes to saving electrical energy.

There are two types of FIDE seals to consider when purchasing an electronic appliance: the FIDE “A” is obtained by those electronic or electrical equipment that use electrical energy efficiently and whose operation directly benefits users. This is the case for energy-saving lamps and refrigerators, among others.

As for the FIDE “B” seal, it is granted to equipment or materials that do not save electrical energy by themselves, but whose application or installation can create favorable conditions for saving electrical energy. Insulation and domes, for example, fall into this category.

To promote electricity savings, CFE recommends keeping refrigerators away from heat sources such as sunlight or the kitchen stove, as well as placing them at least 10 centimeters away from the wall to prevent them from heating up and to help maintain good ventilation. According to the Federal Electricity Commission’s instructions, it is important to keep them clean inside and out, adjust the temperature to numbers 2 and 3, and switch between 3 and 4 during hotter times.

Regarding microwave ovens to save electricity, CFE recommends not opening them until the cooking of the food is complete. It also states that they need to be cleaned frequently and that food should be placed in specially designed containers to be used in these appliances.

CFE Energy Saving Program

The Electricity Sector Energy Saving Program (PAESE) is a project through which CFE promotes the culture of electricity saving, both in its facilities and for the general population, its customers, its productive subsidiary companies, and its affiliate companies. With this energy-saving program, CFE provides tips that promote the benefit of users, the environment, and the reduction of polluting emissions produced by fossil fuels.

Through this promotion program of energy efficiency and electricity savings, CFE seeks to influence with educational strategies that encourage Mexicans to replicate best practices in the use of electrical energy. Its strategy covers from personal habits to the use of better technologies and consists of free activities, such as a robotic theater with interactive scenarios where household appliances provide children and youth with energy-saving tips.

In addition, informative talks are given about saving electricity and energy, and group dynamics are carried out where the relevance of energy saving is explained. Awareness is raised about the damage that energy consumption has caused to the environment with didactic material and talks aimed at the general public.

Mindset Changes for Business Electricity Savings

It is common for offices and facilities of companies and industries to use the same appliances as those in households, such as computers, coffee makers, and microwave ovens, which, even when turned off, continue to consume electrical energy. In a company, there are also other devices, such as printers, photocopiers, modems, and routers. To promote electricity savings, CFE also promotes keeping these devices disconnected when not in use and turning them off at the end of the workday, as well as suspending them or putting them in standby mode during breaks or meals.

Another action to promote electricity and energy savings is to gradually transition to increased use of laptops, as these consume much less energy than desktop computers. Additionally, electrical energy can also be saved by replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, which should be left off when all personnel have left the office or work area.

However, to make electricity savings more efficient and reduce energy consumption expenses, it is not enough to just follow these tips, such as activating the energy-saving mode of electronic devices or using as much natural lighting as possible.

Although these measures are an excellent first step and represent the beginning of a great commitment, these individual and collective efforts for electricity savings must be complemented by a change in the energy savings of the entire company, through a high-tech solution like the one Quartux offers its customers through its storage systems.

Quartux, the energy-saving and storage system for the country’s companies

The solution provided by the Quartux team through its innovative battery system effectively reduces the costs generated during CFE’s peak hours because it is during CFE’s peak hours when electricity is most expensive. This problem is one of the factors that increase electricity costs for companies and industries, and electricity storage has become the ideal solution to reduce spending and make the use of electrical energy much more efficient.

For this purpose, Quartux uses artificial intelligence software that stores electricity through a battery system, which operates according to the specific energy needs of each client, to generate electricity savings on their CFE bill of up to 40%, while improving the quality of their energy and avoiding problems such as blackouts, so that work pace is not interrupted.

Quartux’s storage system starts with the design and installation of the most suitable lithium-ion batteries for each case, which are carefully reviewed to diagnose the needs of each client with the aim of achieving greater electricity savings and efficient energy management within the hours when electricity costs are lower.

It’s a win-win for companies and the environment. Additionally, the Quartux system can be monitored by customers through a personalized control panel where they have access to all information about their energy parameters, the operation of the storage system, and their electricity savings.

How do energy efficiency and electricity savings benefit companies?

When companies commit to making changes in their electricity consumption and start saving electrical energy, they obtain multiple benefits that also have a positive impact on the footprint of man on nature and the effects of serious problems such as global warming. Among the great benefits that companies and industries obtain with electricity savings are:

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Promotion of technological innovation
  • Promotion of socially responsible companies
  • Increase in competitiveness and productivity
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions


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