Storage energy systems in batteries, also known as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), are transforming the energy landscape of the industry in Mexico. They have become a fundamental component of energy strategies for both the public and private sectors. If you are considering implementing an energy storage system for your business, Quartux offers the ideal solution for you. Below, we present the benefits you will receive when you contract any of our energy storage plans.

Our BESS systems offer:

Greater energy efficiency: Energy storage systems optimize the use of generated energy, reducing losses and maximizing efficiency in consumption.

Flexibility in energy management: With our BESS systems, you will have the ability to manage and schedule energy supply according to your business needs, allowing you to take advantage of periods of lower demand and reduce energy costs.

Quick response to load fluctuations: BESS systems can respond immediately to sudden changes in energy demand, providing stability and avoiding interruptions in the electrical supply.

Integration with renewable energy sources: By combining our BESS systems with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, you can maximize the use of clean energies and reduce dependence on non-renewable sources.

Economic savings: Our energy storage plans will allow you to reduce costs associated with energy demand, optimizing consumption and avoiding additional charges for demand peaks.

At Quartux, we are committed to providing efficient and personalized energy storage solutions. Contact us to learn more details about our plans and how we can help you make the most of the benefits of BESS systems in your business.

BESS Systems: Stability and Electrical Network Security for Your Business

BESS systems, known as Battery Energy Storage Systems, provide a wide range of benefits, from savings in energy costs to pollution reduction. These energy storage systems are specifically designed to store electricity and use it at strategic moments, enabling companies and public utilities to have a constant and reliable supply. With BESS, companies can use stored electricity to supply their electrical network, power equipment, or charge devices during periods of high demand.

At Quartux, a leading 100% Mexican company in the sector, we offer an energy storage system that utilizes the best rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Our solution is designed to harness electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or biomass generators. By using renewable energy, users can reduce their dependence on electricity generated by fossil fuels while maximizing the availability of clean and sustainable energy.

Benefits of our BESS system:

Cost savings: By harnessing renewable energy and using it efficiently, companies can significantly reduce their energy expenses.

Reliability and stability in supply: BESS systems ensure a constant supply of electricity, even during periods of high demand or interruptions in the grid.

Reduction of carbon footprint: By using stored renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, contributing to environmental protection.

Energy independence: With our BESS system, companies can have greater autonomy and reduce their dependence on conventional and volatile energy sources.

At Quartux, we are committed to providing efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions. Contact us to discover how our BESS systems can benefit your business and contribute to a cleaner and more resilient energy future.

How Does a Battery Storage System Work?

Energy storage systems allow consumers to store electrical energy during periods of low consumption to use it during times of high demand. This is especially beneficial for consumers who pay variable price tariffs.

An electric energy storage system is a set of components designed to accumulate electrical energy produced by a source, such as a solar panel, and allow its later use without fluctuations due to external causes such as weather, blackouts, or geopolitical reasons. These systems have become a vital part for companies to maintain a continuous energy flow, and their use has expanded in many applications.

The main components of an electric energy storage system are a power source, a battery, an inverter, a charge controller, and an energy monitor. The power source, such as a solar panel, generates electricity that is stored in the battery. The inverter transforms the battery’s direct current energy into alternating current, allowing its use to power lights and machinery to maintain workflow without interruptions in electrical service.

Benefits of Quartux System for Your Company

BESS offers significant financial benefits, and the Quartux system ensures savings of up to 40% on your business’s electricity bill. Our solution has established itself as the best option for renewable energy management and offers many benefits compared to other systems, such as higher efficiency, more storage capacity, greater security, and durability.

Due to its technology and innovation, the efficiency of Quartux’s BESS is much higher than that of other similar systems, and among the great benefits it provides to commercial and industrial users are:

Integration capacity with renewable energy sources. Peak reduction, to manage energy demand without sudden short-term increases. Guarantee of continuous electrical flow. Load shifting, to take advantage of battery storage when energy is more expensive. Flexibility, as network demand can be reduced without changing consumption.

What Are the Main Uses of Battery Storage?

Energy storage is a vital tool for modern industry, allowing companies to save energy and harness surpluses when they need them most, without relying on more expensive non-renewable sources. This results in significant savings in energy costs for companies.

In addition to the economic benefits, energy storage improves the energy security of companies and offers various applications beyond emergency backup in case of energy shortages or blackouts. BESS, in particular, are gaining popularity due to their ability to offer affordable and flexible energy storage solutions, especially when natural resources are unavailable. Energy storage systems are one of the rapidly evolving technologies contributing to the energy transition towards a safer and more sustainable electrical grid.

In summary, energy storage, such as BESS systems, offers significant benefits in terms of cost savings, energy security, flexibility, and contribution to sustainability. These solutions are driving the transition towards a more efficient and sustainable electrical grid, providing companies with the necessary tools to optimize their energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact.

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